Blind woman burst into tears seeing her guide dog for the first time

we love 03/06/2018

It was the first sight she saw in 16 years, and it made her eyes fill with tears.

Legally blind woman, Mary Sedgwick, was diagnosed with bilateral optic neuritis (a degenerative visual impairment) two decades ago.

Now aged 48, she described the gradual decline of her sight as ‘like watching a movie that was slowly fading away,' a sensation that caused her to plummet into a deep depression. 

It was only when she was matched with her guide dog, Lucy, that she had ‘a meaning to life’ again, and they instantly hit it off. 

It was a breakthrough when she was allowed the chance to try on a pair of eSight electronic glasses.

With the addition of a high-definition camera, the glasses restored some of Mary’s remaining residual vision, and gave her a beautiful sight of a companion that has remained loyal beside her.