Bride invites ex to her wedding and gets hilarious response

omg 29/06/2018

It's a decision most engaged couples struggle with - do we invite our exes?

But for this bride-to-be, Hayley Stamper, the decision was pretty straight forward. Her and her ex-boyfriend had remained friends after their break-up, so of course she was going to invite him to her wedding. She probably wasn't expecting his humourous response though. 

Stamper's reply cards asked guests to list a song they would dance to if they attended - so her ex took the opportunity to make a cheeky dig. 

His song choice? I Loved Her First by Heartland. 

It's all in good humour, with Stamper tweeting after the post went viral: 

'Before you quote me with "why tf did you invite your ex" here's my response!!! We Broke up over 5 years ago!

'Not every breakup has to have a traumatic ending, thus we're still friends who can laugh and joke around.

'If my fiance and ex can laugh at this tweet, you should too!'