Having a 'cheat day' from your diet can help you lose more weight

omg 18/06/2018

It can be hard to stick to a diet, especially when there's so much temptation in the world - but here's some good news for those currently trying to shed a few kgs. 

A nutritionist has suggested that having a 'cheat meal' a few times a week can actually help you stick to your diet longer and lose more weight!

"Physiologically it has been shown that after periods of strict calorie restriction, a cheat (note not binge) meal, which contains significantly more calories actually helps to body to continue to burn body fat," the expert said.

"It is thought after caloric deprivation, a flood of calories tells the body that it is not starving and can continue to burn, not store fat."

She emphasises the importance of not using this as an excuse to overload on fast food and suggests limiting your cheat meals to "one or two meals each week”.

“Factoring in a meal off a strict diet gives dieters something to look forward too; it helps take the pressure of the brain to continually have to maintain will power and helps to balance the demands of life with the goal of weight loss and calorie restriction."

So if you're on a strict diet, maybe take this as an excuse to be a little less hard on yourself.

Source: Heart