Mum of 6 says she's sick of being criticised for having too many kids

parenting 06/06/2018

A mother has spoken out against strangers who criticise her for having six children. 

Australian woman Krechelle Carter, 28, says her day-to-day life with six kids is nothing compared to fielding unnecessary comments from strangers.

Ms Carter has opened up in a raw post on her blog, Eight At Home, about some of the "observations" strangers make.

"It's not okay to make someone feel like the amount of children they have is wrong or right," she wrote. 

"It's actually no one's goddamn business whether you have zero children or 10 children if they are happy and healthy and loved!!"

Ms Carter said she's had to justify how many kids she has and asked if they all had the same father.

"Yep, sure are, born and bred from my uterus - surprisingly enough my pelvic floor is still fantastic," she found herself responding.

While her responses are light-hearted, she did say that having six children can be challenging.

"We struggle to get to the shops, we struggle to go out to dinner, with school runs and keeping the house clean."