Restaurants recounts how man brutally ditched girl on their first date

omg 08/06/2018

The owner of an Australian restaurant has recalled the shocking moment a customer ditched his date, blocked her number, and left her to pay the bill. 

Christian Avant, the owner of Bondi burger joint Milky Lane, said in a Facebook post he witnessed an "unfortunate situation" on Sunday when a "guy did a runner on the girl he was eating with, on their first date." 

"He went outside to get cash, never came back and blocked her number," Mr Avant said. 

Dating is exhausting enough without the stress of being left with the bill after your date "ate and drunk heaps" and then pretends to go and get money to contribute, Mr Avant added. 

To cheer the woman up after the realisation that her date wasn't coming back, the staff at Milky Lane reportedly paid for her meal, gave her free shots, and offered her a $150 voucher for her to "return with someone better". 

Mr Avant said he considered posting a CCTV image of the man who ditched his date, but refrained from doing so. 

"Wow that's rough poor chick," one person commented on the Facebook post. 

"You should shame him as in a favour for her because that's so disgusting," another wrote. 

Milky Lane said in a post that dating is "hard enough in 2018 and there's nothing worse than feeling useless or not good enough."

The restaurant's staff were praised by social media users for "being so kind" to the woman.