Talking to your pets is actually really good for your health

we love 29/06/2018

People may look at you as though you're crazy when you're coo-ing to your little bundle of fluff, but according to new research all that chatting is actually amazing for your health. 

Dr Danielle Forshee, a licensed clinical social worker and a doctor of psychology, has revealed that talking to your pet is good for both you and your cat or pup.

Talking to your pet not only helps you develop and sustain a bond with one another, it also positively effects your mental health. It can help fight depression and loneliness, as well as helping to lower your blood pressure - it's a natural form of stress relief! 

Studies have shown that a loved pet can exert a calming influence on blood pressure and heart rate when the owner is performing standard tasks designed to induce mental and physical stress.

We know that going home for a cuddle with our four-legged friend after a long day definitely makes us feel better, and now we know that there is science behind it! 

So turns out it's good to be a crazy cat/dog person after all!