Turns out your feet actually say a lot about your personality

omg 15/06/2018

Video above taken from The Breakfast Club with Si & Gary

We never would never have thought it, but turns out your feet may actually reveal a lot about your personality... Or at least according to foot expert Ann Scardarella.

"If there is an issue in your life that you are struggling with, it will manifest itself in your feet," she says.

She went on to detail some what personality traits are linked to what part of your feet...

Large big toes - Creative and a sharp thinker.

Smaller big toe - Excellent multitasker

Long second toe - Leaders and impulsive

If you can wiggle your little toe - Loyal and committed

High arch - Prefers to be left alone

Low arch - Very sociable

Long toe 'necks' (between your nail and foot) - Emotional and extroverted

Might be time to inspect your feet to see if this rings true for you!

Source: Independent