US kindy's heartbreaking 'lockdown song' goes viral

omg 11/06/2018

A US kindergarten has taught its students a heartbreaking 'lockdown' song in case they're the targeted by a shooter.

Mother Georgy Cohen noticed the lyrics on the wall when she visited her child's soon-to-be kindergarten in Somerville, Massachusetts.

The poster reads: "Lockdown, lockdown, lock the door / shut the lights off, say no more / Go behind the desk and hide / wait until it's safe inside / Lockdown, lockdown, it's all done / now it's time to have some fun."

Ms Cohen posted the photo to Twitter, saying it "should not be hanging" on the kindergarten's wall.

She told followers the school is "doing exactly what they need to be doing".

"I am glad for it. My issue is with the political & cultural factors that brought us to this sad state.

"Please talk to your legislators about the need for gun reform."

Followers echoed her call for change, with many noting it was a sad reflection on the country's views on gun ownership.

"This is gross and incredibly sad," one said. "USA - land of the free - unless you're locked down or killed. We must do better."

Another said The United States "should never have gotten to this point".

"Yet we mustn't forget the thanks to the educators who didn't ask for this, and are dealing with it as best they can."