Wellington has "darkest June" with only 27 hours of sun in total

Wellington 26/06/2018

It's been a dark time in the capital this month...

If you've wondered why it seems like you've barely seen the sun - it's true. The sun has barely shone down on Wellington this June - a measly 27 hours total.

To break the 1982 record, MetService meteorologist Tui McInnes told Fairfax that it would need less than 3.1 hours of sun a day for the rest of June, or 34.2 hours of sun in total.

New Zealand as a whole has experienced more southeasterly winds in the past few weeks, resulting in wetter weather for Wellington.

But to every cloud there is a silver lining - Christchurch has seen darker days this June, with only 13 hours and 48 minutes of sunlight recorded. And only six of those days have been rain free.

Hopefully the worst of winter will pass!