Bride stood up by groom during live-streaming of their wedding

omg 01/08/2018

A bride from Thailand has had everyone's worst case wedding scenario play out in front of the entire world.

The couple had spent weeks planning their perfect day, but when push came to shove the groom was a no show. To make matters worse, the ceremony was being live streamed on Facebook!

The 24 year old bride reportedly told the wedding guests that she was completely surprised and never expected the day to go like it did.

The video has been viewed over 5 million times online with thousands showing their support to her. “Keep fighting, I’m rooting for you!” one person said.

The Bangkok Post reports that the couple had only been together a few short weeks before deciding to tie the know... Maybe he felt things were moving too quickly.

It would've been hard enough for the bride to deal with this on her wedding day, let alone to have millions of strangers witness it unfold live on the internet! But given the amount of support she's received, we hope she's feeling the love.

Source: Independent