Newshub reporter gets abused by angry English football fan

omg 12/07/2018

Some people get very emotionally invested in the Football World Cup, but one man in particular had quite a lot of anger the moment England lost the semi-finals to Croatia 2-1.

Unfortunately, that anger was taken out at Newshub reporter Lloyd Burr who was in a London pub.

Just as he was crossing back to Duncan Garner on The AM Show this morning, the angry fan began to verbally abuse and push at Lloyd, before he threw his beer at Lloyd's face.

"It's gone from jubilation to frustration, then anticipation... now it has turned to anger," he said, wiping the beer from his face.

"The English fans are very angry and the ref is just about to blow this final whistle - it is Croatia's game, I believe."

The patron made another lunge at the reporter, but was eventually restrained from any further intrusion.

"Hey mate, be dignified," Lloyd told the drunken man.

The AM Show host Duncan Garner was concerned for the safety of his colleague.

"Can someone in England get around Lloyd and look after him," he said. "What a bunch of thugs."

Garner's concern was well founded. Even before the game, UK authorities were braced for a backlash of violence - both at home and in the streets - if England lost.

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