These are the names of the people most likely to win Lotto

omg 31/07/2018

We've all got a plan for how we'll spend our winnings on that lucky day when we win big with the lotto. But who's most likely to win the biggest?

A new survey from has revealed the names of the people most likely to win lotto. If your name isn't on the list, now might be a good time to make friends with one of these people...

  1. Derek (four wins)
  2. David/Dave (also four wins)
  3. Alex (three wins)
  4. John (three wins)
  5. Karen (three wins)

On top of that, the study also showed the most common jobs that winners have...

  • Builders
  • Carpenters
  • Mechanics

So while changing your job or your name to increase your odds of winning might seem like a good idea, we're sure it probably wouldn't make a huge amount of difference.

Source: Hit