Parent's genius response to pre-school asking them to dress daughter 'more girly'

parenting 21/08/2018

This couple were pretty amazed when their daughter's pre-school suggested they dress her more girly - but they came up with a genius response!

"As a parent, you really have to pick what your priorities are and where you’re dedicating your energy and resources to," the dad told Bored Panda.

"If you have the time, money, and inclination to dress your daughter or son in ribbons and bows and that makes you and them happy by all means go for it. It’s just not on our radar at this exact moment."

But in the end, that's exactly what they did! The next day they sent their daughter to pre-school with a post it note stuck to her head with a picture of a bow on it.

"Maybe they thought that it hadn’t crossed our minds to dress our daughter any differently or perhaps they just didn’t want to answer a million questions from the other kids at the daycare as to why our baby isn’t dressed in pink and flowers." the dad continued

"The suggestion was actually pretty mild but it was piled onto a hundred other similar ones that I’m sure all parents get so my wife just felt the need to push back a tiny bit."

"My wife was just trying to expose the humor inherent in the situation."

We think the cheeky note would've definitely made the pre-school think! You can check out the full pic below...