Husband has perfect response to troll who say his wife should hide her stretch marks

we love 24/08/2018

A husband's perfect response to an internet troll telling his wife to hide her stretch marks has gone viral

"Last week, I posted a photo of Sharny with her tummy out and a young girl said 'at least photoshop the disgusting stretch marks out.'" the husband wrote.

You can see the photo he's talking about below...

He hit back the troll by saying "here’s a new photo, where I’ve adjusted the light so you can see ONLY stretch marks."

"Enjoy, because I do. I think they’re beautiful. I think they symbolise the strength of a mother who brought 6 children into the world. Not just this mother, but EVERY mother.

"I believe that a body of a confident WOMAN (like this) is far more beautiful and sexy than the body of an insecure GIRL (what you normally see on social media). That’s not saying instagirls are ugly, they just lack life experience, they’re shallow.

"Not shallow like we normally say, but shallow in life, not yet interesting. But they will be, that’s a given. And I hope that when they DO earn their depth of character and maybe scars/stretch marks, they KNOW that they are not ugly or used, but beautiful and important and courageous. They are mums."

He then shared a photo of his wife with a caption 'stretch marks are beautiful' on it. Thousands of people have since seen his messaged and praised the husband for sticking up for his wife in such a loving way.