Mum horrified after kid's birthday cake shows up looking 'inappropriate'

funny stuff 10/08/2018

 "I had this monkey made for my daughter's cake for her first birthday." the mum wrote.

She was initially excited to see the cake, but when it arrived she said it looked "rude in various ways."

The mum was immediately worried about what her family would say after one of her friends said it looked the monkey "had his willy out".

Not wanting to present the cake to a room full of family and close friends at her child's 1st birthday, the mum asked for advice for how to save the cake...

"You could make a little present to go between his legs?" one person wrote.

"Maybe try and flatten the 'one' out a bit so it's not as round." suggested another.

But others didn't see the big issue, insisting they didn't see anything phallic about the cake at all.

Would you be embarrassed to serve up this cake at a 1st birthday party?

Source: The Sun