People are freaking out of this viral 'ant nail' beauty trend

omg 28/08/2018
Instagram beauty account Nail Sunny are known for their weird creations, but their latest one is on a whole new level.

The bloggers have made nails that hold living ants inside of them. No one is really sure what the inspiration was, but a lot of people aren't happy about it. Some have called it animal abuse, but the creators have ensured none of the ants were harmed.

The video has been viewed close to 1 million times, but a lot of people expressed their disgust with it.

"What the hell is wrong with you? This is clearly animal abuse. If someone would put you in this damn nail you wouldn't be that happy!" wrote one person.

"Even though the ants weren’t harmed, they were still mistreated,' a commenter pointed out. 'And, it sends out the idea that this is somehow OK. It is not!" added another.

Judging by the feedback, we're not sure that this nail trend will be around for long...