Someone has created a new flavour of gin which helps stop aging

omg 24/08/2018

Meet the two new Gin entrepreneurs who have combined the alcoholic spirit with the best anti ageing properties. The gin, which is called Collagin Pink Rose, is a sweet floral gin made from the oil steam from distilled rose petals. 

Since they're new and based in the UK, they don't ship to New Zeland yet, so you might have to ask a friend to send you some over if you want to get your hands on it.

Dearly priced, a bottle is priced at $70 NZD. However, this luxurious gin is worth every cent, as well as being made form 11 fragrant botanicals, it contains 100mg of Collagen.

Collagen is normally found in skin care and beauty products, but f we can consume it with beautiful gin were all for it!

One of the co-founders said they are "on a mission to beautify the world of spirits and create a gin that could sit on a back bar but also a beauty counter," 

 "The Original Collagin has gone down a storm, so when people were begging us for a pink gin we decided to give them what they wanted. With the addition of the rose, she still stays subtle and smooth but will appeal to gin lovers with a sweeter tooth. She also looks stunning with her matching pink hue to the bottle."