Touching 'mum and dad' Father's Day card goes viral

we love 28/08/2018

A touching Father's Day card has gone viral online. The card, which was shared by someone in the UK has been shared thousands of times online and acts as a reminder that every family is different. 

"Thank you for being a mum and dad to me. I know it's Father's Day, but you have been both a mother and a father to me..."

"Like a mum, you've nurtured and comforted me, spent sleepless nights worrying over me and made sure I always had a home and place to belong."

"Like a dad, you've encouraged me, supported me, advised me and always made me feel safe, protected and confident..."

The card is meant for anyone who has played a parental role in someone's life.

 "Aww how lovely this could be for an aunt or relative or foster carer too." someone pointed out.

With Father's Day fast approaching, we think this is a beautiful way to celebrate those people who may have not been celebrated otherwise!

Source: Pretty52