Woman declares her love for KMart by getting a tattoo of the logo

omg 03/08/2018

An Australian woman has publicly declared her love for Kmart by getting the department store's logo tattoed on her body.

Writing on Facebook, she shared what inspired her decision...

"The story behind getting this tattoo…" she wrote.

"My Kmart addiction, which started back when I was little and would go with my nan shopping at Kmart and having lunch at [the cafe] once a week, good times…"

"Still to this day I’m addicted [to] going to Kmart every chance I get."

While Kmart does seem to have developed a cult following over the past few years, for some fans the tattoo does seem a step too far.

"What's she going to do if Kmart change their logo?" one person asked.

Someone else added that the tattoo was definitely in the top 10 worst decisions they've seen.

But others were more supportive of the idea, with some admitting they had the guts to get one themselves.

So while it may not be for everyone, it seems this woman is very happy with her new look.