4 year old called a hero after her quick-thinking saved family from fire

omg 06/09/2018

When a devastating fire rip roared through a family home, it was 4 year old Mesha who saved her family from potentially perishing.

Mesha was playing with her baby brother when she saw lots of smoke and the inkling of flames behind her. She did the right thing and got up and ran straight to her mum, Amri, who managed to get Mesha, and the rest of the family out of the house safely.

“When I was playing with my baby brother, I looked back and saw flames,” Mesha told American news channel. “There was a bunch of smoke everywhere.”

“The kid’s room is completely destroyed,” Mesha's mum added. “The roof is pretty much done. There’s smoke everywhere. Barely anything is going to be salvageable.”

As incredible as Mesha’s actions were, her mom says it’s no surprise her smart little girl knew just what to do.

“She is one in a million, she has always been brave and very curious. She loves asking questions, she is very honest and opinionated, and she loves helping as much as possible. She is my little princess, she will even tell you that.”