Coco Pops changes 'sexist' slogan after backlash from dads

omg 06/09/2018

Coco Pops has changed the slogan on its reduced sugar boxes after fathers complained it was sexist.

The slogan originally read "improved recipe, loved by kids, approved by mums", but campaign group Fathers for Justice staged a protest at a supermarket in Petersborough, UK, over what they call "cereal discrimination" against dads.

"My son Archie is a fan of Coco Pops but we were horrified when we bought a pack recently to see it said it was approved by mums only," father of three Matt O'Connor told The Telegraph.

"This father-free cereal sends a sexist, dangerous and fatherphobic message that dads are irrelevant in the lives of their children."

A Kellogg's spokesperson said they have listened to consumers and changed the wording on the packs.

The message on the breakfast cereal boxes will now say 'approved by parents' instead.

In July, Kellogg's reduced the amount of sugar in Coco Pops by 40 per cent, down to 17g per 100g rather than 30g. They also cut the salt content by 10 per cent.

The change brought hundreds of complaints from people who described the new recipe as "tasteless".