Needles found in Auckland supermarket's strawberry punnet

omg 24/09/2018

Needles have been found in a punnet of strawberries at a Countdown supermarket located in Auckland. The news follows the epidemic that has plagued Australia over the last few days.

Countdown has withdrawn the Australian Choice brand from its shelves as a precaution and is advising customers to cut up the berries before biting into them.

The brand, from Western Australia, was sold throughout New Zealand last week.

In the wake of the needle crisis, that has rocked the Australian agricultural industry, Foodstuffs made the decision last weekend to halt the distribution of Australian strawberries in all their stores including New World, Pak'nSave and Four Square.

"The New Zealand season is about to start in earnest and local fruit will soon be in store," says a Foodstuffs spokesperson.

"We do not stock Choice strawberries."

Strawberry growers in New Zealand are fearing for their livelihoods after needles were discovered in a punnet of strawberries in Auckland. 

Strawberry Growers NZ executive manager Michael Ahern is urging New Zealanders not to be overly concerned, telling The AM Show on Monday growers will "do everything they can to provide the New Zealand consumer with a trusted and reliable product". 

"There are a number of growers with their livelihoods on the line, and their employees and their service companies - there is a lot at stake," he said, adding it could be a "massive blow" for the local strawberry industry.