Someone invented a clamp to stop your other-half stealing the covers

we love 03/10/2018

The latest and greatest invention to hit stores around the globe is one of the handiest tools out there and could quite possibly save a few relationship woes.

Almost all relationships have a duvet hogger, and if you think that yours doesn't than your partner is probably too polite to say anything as they gaze over at you looking all warm, toasty and covered by the duvet.

Now a company has stopped any heated debates over the blankets and created the Cover Clamp, a clamp for your bed to stop your other half from stealing the covers .

The description on the website reads: "If you have a blanket hog in your life, stealing your sheets and blankets every night, you know how frustrating it can be. The patent pending Cover Clamp system finally solves this age-old problem simply and effectively, guaranteed!"

The clamp is put on the side of the non-duvet-hogger, and is installed underneath the mattress. You then secure the duvet into the clamp and it is then guaranteed to hold the cover over the victim and can withstand around 20kgs (50lbs) of force.

This could be a great Christmas present for your partner!