Mum creates awesome inexpensive end of year gift for her children's classmates

we love 31/10/2018

It's the time of year when school is in the final term, and everything starts winding up for the year.

A popular thing at the end of the year is the exchanging of Christmas cards and small gifts between friends and classmates at school. It can seriously add up when you're buying for 20-30 odd kids!

But one mum who is apart of the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group has shared an awesome inexpensive gift idea to hand out to her daughters classmates.

Heading into Kmart, the thrifty mum grabbed a pack of 20 Christmas themed pencils for $5 and then a pack of 10 candy canes for $1. 

She also grabbed some ribbon and christmas tags (which you could definitely
handmake if you wanted to cut costs even more!) and wallah!

The result was some super simple but awesome gifts for her daughter to give to her classmates.