Mum's voice more effect for waking kids than a smoke alarm says study

omg 29/10/2018

A new study from the US has shown that children aged between 5 and 12 were more likely to wake up to the sound of a motherly figure than they were to a fire alarm.

Hundreds of children took part in the experiment which monitored their sleep during the sounds of a smoke alarm and a recording of a shouting mother. The results showed that children were twice as likely to wake from their deepest point of sleep to the sound of mother compared to an alarm

"The fact that we were able to find a smoke alarm sound that reduces the amount of time it takes for many children five to 12 years of age to wake up and leave the bedroom, could save lives." one of the researchers said.

"We know smoke alarms save lives so we ask that people ensure they have installed smoke alarms."

Heading into summer now might be an ideal time to check your alarms are working.

Source: Good To Know