Mum uses soap made from her breast milk to cure baby’s long-term eczema

omg 04/10/2018

An English mum has found a way to cure her sons itchy red patches that has plagued him for almost a year.

He had suffered from eczema since he was just 6 months old and had to be kept covered in order to try and prevent him from scratching.

The mum researched online on ways to cure her sons pain and when she stumbled across an article about an organic soap made out of breast milk she decided to give it a go. And it worked.

‘I was a bit skeptical when I found it, but I hoped it would work,’ she said to UK news outlet Metro.

‘I hoped it would at least take the edge off or make him less itchy and uncomfortable. That was my hope, just to make him more comfortable, but it exceeded all my expectations.

The mum has absolutely nothing to lose and new she had some old expressed breast milk in the freezer that she could experiment with.

After just one month, her 20-month-old sons eczema had cleared.