Bride photoshops late fiancé into wedding photos in heartbreaking tribute

we love 27/11/2018

A woman from the US has gone viral online after sharing a touching tribute to her late fiance.

Tragically, the woman's husband passed away earlier this year after a motorcycle accident. On the day she was set to marry her late partner she posed for a wedding shoot and had the photographer photoshop him in...

"Today was supposed to be the day I married my best friend. I was supposed to wake up, put on my wedding dress and walk down the aisle to the man of my dreams," she wrote on Facebook.

"But today I woke up alone as I do every day. Today I woke up with my heart broken all over again."

"Today I will not get to see the look on Randy's face at the end of that aisle when he gets his first look at me in my wedding dress, the dress I had to hide from him because he couldn't wait to see it."

She finished her post with a plea for road safety. The post has been shared hundreds of thousands of times sincce it was first uploaded.

You can read the full post and see the photoshopped images below...