Mother-in-law's strange request for Christmas dinner shocks the internet

omg 27/11/2018

Christmas time is the season of getting together with friends and families, and more often than not, it involves a lot of food. 

It's not uncommon to head around to a friend or family members house for dinner, and often bringing around a plate or two with you to contribute to the meal.

But it is very rare that you have to pay to attend a get together with your friends or family.

“Am I being unreasonable to think you should ask family to pay for their Xmas dinner?” a user asked in the popular parenting forum Mumsnet.

“My partner has just told me that his mother who he's having Christmas lunch with said she wants $30 per head from him!"

She continued to say how her partner offered to bring a dessert, but his Mum was pre-ordering everything in. She said he felt handing over cash to his mum for Christmas dinner felt wrong.

The post in Mumsnet saw a flurry of other users jump in to comment their views on the issue, with opinions being divided.

"It's really expensive to cater for Christmas dinner for a lot of people... Don't think of it as her charging you but instead think of it as you all contributing to the cost of the food." user formerbabe wrote.

"Personally I wouldn't - I would ask people to contribute by bringing specific contributions to the meal instead ("Uncle Paul is bringing stuffing, Auntie Lucy is doing the sprouts" type thing)" user OlennasWimple added.

"Cannot think of anything less hospitable than setting the menu and demanding your ‘guests’ pay for it." another user wrote.