Netflix's new movie is Christmas version of The Parent Trap, starring Vanessa Hudgens

omg 08/11/2018

Vanessa Hudgens set her name as one of the Disney Channel greats when she starred as Gabriella in the uber successful High School Musical. 

And while she hasn't been in too many big productions, apart from a stellar performance in 2016's Grease: Live, she is now debuting on popular streaming service Netflix.

The film is tipped to be a Christmas version of the 1998 Parent Trap that starred a young Lindsay Lohan. 

Vanessa Hudgens stars in a dual role and while she doesn't find her long-lost sister, she does stumble across an identical stranger and they do, of course, pull the switcharoo. 

In the film, Hudgens plays both Stacy, a Chicago baker, and Margaret, the Duchess of Montenaro. After being invited to compete in a Christmas baking competition, Stacy and her co-worker travel to the European country Belgravia for the holidays. Excited but longing for love, Stacy runs into the Duchess on the competition set and they're mirror images of each other.