Parents are loving these $4 'realistic looking' Kmart dolls

we love 26/11/2018

A mum's post on the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook has attracted a lot of attention in the lead up to the Christmas.

The woman shared a photo of some $4 dolls she spotted in the store."Spotted these ‘Glamour Dolls’ today. Same height as Barbie but twice the width, ie. a normal human size. How good?"

Photo credit: Kmart

She wasn't the only one who loved the new dolls, many other parents praised the more realistic look of the dolls.

"Love it, they’re ‘normal’ looking, actually dressed to cover the body, and not blasted with a s***load of makeup. We need more like this," added one person.

These could be a great stocking stuffer heading into Christmas!

Photo credit: Kmart