7 Tips for how to have a healthier Christmas day feast

we love 18/12/2018

We all love over-indulging with food on Christmas day... But sometimes what's good for the soul isn't so good for the waistline. 

Women's Health have put together a list of 7 ways you can make your Christmas day a little bit healthier.

  1. Portion Control - Although the huge buffets can be tempting, limiting your portions is a good way to stick to your diet.
  2. Minimise Alcohol - Not only are some alcoholic drinks loaded with calories, but after a few of them you might find yourself eating more than you planned.
  3. Limit Carbs - Eat less potato, chips, crackers and other foods like that.
  4. Stay Hydrated - Drink heaps of water, you won't be as hungry if you're well hydrated.
  5. Snack less - Try avoid snacks and only eat during the main meals.
  6. Pace Yourself - Chew your food more slowly. If you finish your meal after everyone else you're less likely to want seconds.
  7. Walk it off - Try work some exercise into your day - Maybe a walk first thing for a beach walk in the evening.

Above all though, enjoy yourself! Christmas is a time to spend with friends and family. So while you might want to be healthy, hopefully these tips will help you enjoy the day but still be a bit healthier.