American fastfood chain Taco Bell is coming to New Zealand

omg 11/12/2018

It's been confirmed that popular American fastfood chain Taco Bell is making it's way to our shores.

The announcement was made by Restaurant Brands to the New Zealand Stock Exchange after they had reached an agreement with Taco Bell Restaurants Asia to bring the Taco Bell brand to New Zealand and Australia.

There is set to be more than 60 stores launched across NZ and Australia, with development starting in January 2019. It's expected all proposed stores will be completed by June 2024.

First Retail Group managing director Chris Wilkinson said the launch would be well-received by Kiwis. He continued to explain that Mexican food operators were performing well in the market, evident with the expanding presence of other Mexican food brands such as Mexicali Fresh, Mexico and Zambrero.

Taco Bell stores would likely open in shopping centres, and could even replace other brand stores in Restaurant Brands' portfolio, such as Carl's Jr, Wilkinson said.