Clever tips to keep your festive fizz chilled this Christmas

we love 07/12/2018

Sitting down for a nice cold glass of vino in the sun only to find it's luke warm is one way to kill the festive spirit quick.

Don't worry though, we're here to help with this hack to have your whites and rosés ice cold in just THREE MINUTES. Who even thought that was possible?

Wine expert Brian McClintic says the secret is an ice bath with plenty of salt, which he says "works like a charm".

"The full bottle should be submerged. It's hard to say how much salt, let's just say a liberal amount. What happens is the bottle is encased in ice and therefore comes down in temperature much more quickly."

Basically why it works is that the salt reduces the freezing point of water, meaning the liquid becomes ice cold without solidifying. It works better than just sticking the bottle in the freezer because liquids are better at transferring heat than gases like air. In order to cool the wine the heat from the bottle needs to be transferred to its surroundings and, no matter how many cubes you pack in, there will always be some pockets of air around the ice. So by adding water, the liquid flows into these pockets and makes direct contact with the wine bottle - instantly absorbing its heat.

Science teaching us the important things! If you want to speed up the chilling even more, give the bottle a spin under the water to mix up the water that's been warmed. 

Now there's no excuses for not having the perfect glass of chilled wine this Chrissy!