These are apparently the worst days of the year to get married

omg 14/12/2018

Planning to get hitched? Got the ring on the finger and just need to lock in a date for the big day? Well according to a new study, there are certain dates you should try and avoid for your Wedding Day if you want a long and happy marriage.

Economists at the University of Melbourne in Aussie have conducted research on 1 million couples, and found that getting married on Valentine's Day is the worst day to do it. 

Other dates to avoid include 'special number dates', like the 9th September 1999, or the 1st February 2003 (01/02/03). 

From the million couples that were surveyed, by the time they reached the five-year mark, 11% of those who got hitched on Valentine's Day were divorced, and by the 9-year mark 21% of couples were divorced!

For the 'special number' dates, stats were only SLIGHTLY better, with 10% of couples splitting after 5 years, and 19% after 9 years. Geez.

Seems like pure luck really, but the researchers suggested that the possible reason behind the stats could be that the couple focuses on planning the perfect day on the perfect romantic date, rather than focusing on their life together, which is a bad sign.

So if you're getting married, just pick a random date and all should be well as long as your heart's in the right place!