These parenting hacks will make your life so much easier

we love 07/12/2018

Being a parent is the hardest job in the world (and obviously the most rewarding), so sometimes we can use some little shortcuts to make our lives that LITTLE bit easier. 

We've put together some of our favourite hacks parents have posted online, and we guarantee you'll be giving at least one of them a go!

Fill a plastic glove with rice and place it on your sleeping babies back to keep them comforted while you grab a quick cuppa. 

A knitted doorknob cover can stop your little ones from getting in places they're not supposed to, and stop you from getting locked out of rooms - win-win!

Make paints out of yoghurt and food colouring to stop your kids from eating anything toxic - genius!

Use a shoe organiser to keep Lego pieces neatly stored away.

Use your shopping carts restraints to secure your child's sippy cup or water bottle.

A frozen sponge in a plastic bag is a great way to keep packed lunches cool.

Lots of non-electrical toys can be put in the dishwasher for a quick and easy clean.

Turn your bath into a playpen so you can still watch your little one while taking a shower.

Putting a paddling pool in the bottom of the shower can make an easy bath.

Cutting apples into the shape of chips can tempt your kiddies into eating them. 

Masking tape on the carpet makes a great race track for toy cars.

Placing a playpen around the bbq can stop those little hands from getting burnt.

Putting shower caps on your prams wheels when going inside can save your carpet from the dirt. 

This clever dad used his singlet to keep baby safe while he cooked.