Woman crticised for saying mums should 'try harder' with their looks for school drop-offs

omg 12/12/2018

A woman's blunt Facebook post has started a heated debated online. 

In the post, the woman calls on other mums to 'try harder' with their looks when it comes to dropping their kids off at school.

You can read the woman's full post below...

You might not be surprised to hear that many people hit back at the woman's remarks...

"I can't roll my eyes hard enough at this person's post," one wrote.

"I'd be so ashamed if my seven year old said something like this. We’d be having a long talk." added another.

"Gosh, I spend the whole time judging everyone's driving. Get out of my way!" someone else said.

While the huge majority of people didn't agree with the woman's post, it certainly sparked a heated conversation!