Bradley Cooper originally turned down his lead role in 'A Star is Born'

goss 23/01/2019

Before we got the 2018 version of A Star is Born, another version of the film was in the works a few years ago - however, this version was going to be directed by Clint Eastwood and Beyonce was even rumoured to be a lead role.

That version of the film was eventually scrapped, but now Bradley Cooper has revealed that he was originally offered a role in it! In the end he decided to turn it down, which may have been a good thing as the version he stars in with Lady Gaga has been a huge hit.

In a recent interview Bradley says the life experience he's gained since he was offered the role 5 years ago played a huge part in his decision a second time around.

"I was too young. I always thought I didn’t have enough experience to play this guy. I was 38 at the time — I’m 43 now — and I just thought, ‘I don’t know if I could buy me like that.’ And then life happens." Cooper told Entertainment Weekly.

He also spoke about his recent Oscar nomination for the Best Actor award.

"Everyone who worked on this film truly risked putting themselves out there — in the hope that in doing so people will connect and feel something deep and personal — the way films have made me feel since I was a kid,"

"When I got this opportunity I knew I had to risk it all because I may never get another chance — so to be here today in a place where people who have seen the film are talking about how it makes them feel, something deep — that simple human thing — that we need each other — and the Academy to recognize that this morning — I just am so grateful."

We're grateful too - because A Star is Born is definitely one of our favourite modern movies.