Company sells used, snotty tissues so people can make themselves sick and skip work

omg 25/01/2019

In weird, slightly disgusting news, a new start-up company is collecting used tissues and selling them for premium. The idea is that you can buy a used tissue, expose yourself to the germs and other things on it to get you sick so that you can skip work, or school, or whatever you may need to get sick for.

Another benefit the Danish company claims you can also build up your immune system by exposing yourself to the germy tissues.

Each tissue sold by Vaev has been treated with a “hydrolayer” of human sneeze collected from real sick people.

"We have a rotation of people who get sick for the production of this product," company founder Oliver Niessen told The Sun.

"The rotation guarantees that we always have at least one person sick/available to help make more. That is how the process works."

Niessen insists his business is not an elaborate joke.

Doctors have been asked about the start-up and whether what the company are claiming is true. Many doctors are debunking their ideas. One, an infectious disease expert from Northeast Ohio Medical University, called Vaev "bizarre" and said it seems "like a total waste of money."