Having a work 'bestie' makes you better at your job says study

we love 29/01/2019

If you find yourself chatting and having a laugh with your workmates, then a recent study has some great news for you.

According to the study having a work 'bestie' makes you better at your job!

"Our studies found that rather than just a pleasant happenstance, work friendships significantly affect employee attrition and productivity." the study says.

"It is this simple. Employees referred by their friends are less likely to quit and are more productive; employees who are trained in a generally 'friendly' culture stay twice as long; and if you have friends at work, you are more likely to stay at that job."

"The more socially embedded a person is in an organization, the more likely they are to establish deeper bonds on the job, which of course helps them deal with the normal hiccups in any position."

"Basically, these employees are less likely to turnover and more likely to perform at a higher level because they’re more invested, socially speaking."

So next time you and your work bestie are having a yarn, just think that it could be making you more productive!