Man accidentally added to 'Sandra's 50th' group chat, pulls prank that goes wrong

funny stuff 10/01/2019

A man who was accidentally invited to a WhatsApp group about a woman's 50th birthday made some inappropriate requests as a joke - and he got a shock after realising who he was speaking to.

Billy, a 23 year old from the UK recieved the invite to 'Sandra's 50th' group chat which he accepted, knowing well that it wasn't meant to be him who was added. 

With the other ladies all in the group thinking he was 'Lorraine', he decided to have some fun in the chat with the women.

He posted the exchange of messages on his Twitter account on Monday after his "brush with the law" resulted in him being unmasked and kicked out of the group.

The message 'Are u serious' came from one of the actual Lorraine's friends who revealed herself to be a police officer. It was when Billy said the comment about the illegal drug that the ladies organising Sandra's 50th realised that it wasn't actually Lorraine that they added into the group chat.

Billy shared the text exchanges to his Twitter account which fast went viral. It even garnered a response from Sandra herself.

She replied to the tweet: "Ok ok that'll be me soon to be the big 50 what a lucky boy you was to be invited to the event of the year.

"Wow all these retweets hope you all get me a present. Anyway made us oldies chuckle all afternoon."