McDonald's adding Roald Dahl books to Happy Meal's, replacing toys

NZ 30/01/2019

Fast food chain McDonald's is swapping its iconic Happy Meal toys for Roald Dahl books.

McD's will be dishing out 800,000 copies over the next few weeks to it's young diners with the intiative to encourage them to read more.

"The Happy Meal Readers programme is all about helping parents to get their children to enjoy reading,"  said the director of marketing at McDonald's New Zealand, Jo Mitchell. 

Over six weeks, Kiwis will be able to collect some of the author's most popular titles one cheeseburger, pack of McNuggets or wrap at a time.

Six-week schedule for book distribution:

  • January 24 - January 30: Fantabulous BFG
  • January 31 - February 6: Amazing Matilda
  • February 7 - February 13: Lucky Charlie Bucket
  • February 14 - February 20: Brave Little Sophie
  • February 21 - February 27: Wonderful Mr Willy Wonka
  • February 28 - March 6: Marvellous Miss Honey