Parents are going crazy over new multi-use Kmart hack

we love 31/01/2019

A new $20 piece of Kmart furniture has got parents going gaga everywhere! 

The bamboo step stool is described on the Kmart NZ website as a "bamboo step stool that has a sturdy design and smooth finish to access hard to reach places with ease."

But crafty parents have found other uses, turning the step stool into one of the most versatile Kmart hacks we've ever heard of.

Photo credit: Kmart

One of the most common ways that parents are 'hack'ing the stool is by using it as a mealtime game changer. Instead of standing on the stool, they are using it as a table and chair for their toddlers.

“I was getting breakfast ready and her highchair was outside after being washed, so I just grabbed the stool and put her on it,” one of the original mum's who discovered the hack told Kidspot.

“It was the perfect height and it’s a great all-in-one – especially for people with small areas because it has multiple uses.”

Photo credit: Kmart Mums Australia

Then parents started taking the mum's idea and changing it up, using it for everything from activity tables to using it as a seat to bathe the kids.

Photo credit: Kmart Mums Australia