Sam Smith admitted to hospital, undergoes surgery while holidaying in Auckland

goss 16/01/2019

Sam Smith has revealed he was admitted to hospital and underwent surgery in Auckland during his holiday in New Zealand.

The British 'Stay With Me' hitmaker took to Instagram to document the experience, after doctors decided a painful stye on his right eye needed to be operated on.

Smith told followers he was "f**cking scared" about the procedure, but maintained his trademark sense of humour throughout, sharing selfies showing off his new eye patch.

"I'm being super dramatic," he confessed.

"It's like a 15 minute operation, lol."

Earlier this week, Smith admitted that the lump on his eye was getting "worse and worse", but his disposition had been improved by a trip to Ben and Jerry's in Ponsonby.

"Been feeling sorry for myself all day because my f**king eye is in agony and getting worse and worse," he captioned an Instagram post at the ice cream parlour.

"But I just heard my song on the radio for the first time and I'm eating an ice cream bigger than my face. Feeling much better!"

Despite his minor medical issues, it appears the 26-year-old pop star has been having a ball in Aotearoa. His Instagram feed has been filled with snaps of him relaxing in a variety of picturesque locations around the country.