Second born children more likely to be troublemakers says study

omg 31/01/2019

A recent study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has found that second-born children are more likely to be troublemakers!

"Second-born boys are substantially more likely toexhibit delinquency problems compared to their older sibling." the researchers said.

The study found that second borns "have substantially higher rates of juvenile crime, particularly severe violent crime, and imprisonment than do their older siblings."

This was particularly high in second-born boys but the same applied for second-born girls - just at a lower level.

"In addition to the fact that first-borns experience undivided attention until the arrival of the second-born, we discovered that the arrival of the second-born child has the potential to extend the early-childhood parental investment in the first-born child."

So if the second-born in your family has a tendency to act out... This might be why!