Three sisters marry each other for bizarre reason

we love 23/01/2019

Three Australian sisters hosted a fake wedding for themselves in front of all of their friends.

The girls from Brisbane were sick of not being featured on their grandma's photo wall next to everyone else's wedding photos in their family, so decided to take matters into their own hands.

The sisters wore dresses that cost less than $50, used Dominos pizza as their caterer and squashed their 12 invited guests into the oldest sister's apartment. 

Their close friend was the celebrant.

"None of us are married and our grandmother has photos on her wall of all our cousins on their wedding days or with their partners," Lucy explained.

"So, we decided to stage a wedding with the sole purpose of getting our photos on our nana’s wall."

"We invited friends and decorated my apartment building’s rooftop area a little... We ordered a few boxes of Domino’s pizza and drank lovely rosé all afternoon."

"We never expected it to be such a wonderful day – I actually can’t imagine that I could possibly have had any more fun if it were a real wedding," she said.

The photos taken of the sister's show just how awesome the day looked. 

The girls confirmed that their nana loved their gift, putting the pictures up on the wall with the rest of the family.