Bride left horrified after hairdresser leaves her with 'birdsnest' rather than slick updo

omg 07/02/2019

A mortified bride-to-be has been left with a 'birdsnest' rather than an elegant updo after a hairdresser made a total mess of her wedding hair.

The woman is said to be kicking herself after not getting a free wedding trial at her hairdressers, and shared the shocking side by side photos on her Facebook.

The photo on the left is the image she showed her hairdresser, the photo on the right is the bride.

"Left is what I asked for... right is what I got. This was a professional who was paid over (US) $100."

The bride asked for a classy, neat and layered chignon - but was instead left with a messy look with three bobby pins hanging out.

The pic racked up thousands of shocked comments - including one woman who joked she had "the makings of a very sturdy birds nest!"

A second said: "Omg this is nothing like the picture and i can see the pins. What a dissapointment".