Gin & Tonic drinkers more likely to be 'psychopaths' claims study

omg 01/03/2019

A recent study has found that gin and tonic drinkers tend to exhibit more signs of being a psychopath than those who prefer another type of drink.

Some of the signs included being manipulative, self-centred and narcissism.

It wasn't just gin and tonics though, liking bitter flavours (like dark chocolate or black coffee) in general made you more likely to have tense relationships with your family and friends.

"Supertasting, that is, having a high sensitivity to bitter compounds, has been consistently linked to increased emotionality in humans and rats. Bitter taste experiences were shown to elicit harsher moral judgments and interpersonal hostility." the study said.

So next time you spot a friend sipping on a G&T, see if this study matches up with their personality!