Kiwi mum pens hilarious letter to NZ Police after they pull over her son

NZ 11/02/2019

A letter that a Kiwi mum has written to the police has picked up a few 'laugh' reacts on Facebook after the NZ Police posted it on their page.

The letter comes after the woman's son was pulled over by the police for speeding. Her letter was of thanks, but the way she worded the letter has pasted smiles on people's faces.

"Dear Constable Toss Pott," the letter starts.

"Apologies, please read on ...

"My son was recently pulled over, flashing lights and all. He spotted the police car and tried to slow, but unable to do so before 'locked in' on the radar.

"I asked him what the policeman's name was so I could contact him to say thank you. He replied with 'Constable Toss Pott', which I replied well obviously he's not, it's because of him you're still alive."

But instead of lashing out at police, she explained their actions taught her son a valuable lesson.

"Thank you for pulling my son over who was trying to break a land speed record on a straight piece of country road, in a hurry to get to something he felt was important enough to risk his life and the lives of the people he could have hit.

"We have spent years whilst driving ourselves, and more so recently, with the teenagers starting to drive and getting their own cars, spending time talking with them stressing the importance of safe driving on country roads ...

"We are just the parents ... What would we know?!

"Constable Fantastic, I just want you to know that he has learnt a life lesson, he has had the heart pumping, the sick feeling, the flashing red and blue lights, a large fine and demerit points taken.

"I want to thank you for teaching my son that life lesson, and also my younger son as he was listening in the consequences of speeding.

"We have always said to our boys anyone can drive a car and anyone can drive fast, but handling that vehicle when things go wrong is a whole new board game that they don't want to discover.

"Thank you for taking the time in reading this letter and please don't take offence to who it is addressed to. The NZ Police do a fantastic job. Thank you from one happy Mum."

The letter has since gone viral with police posting it to their Facebook page captioning it: "Constable Fantastic, we'll take it. Mum knows best."

The comment section applaudes the woman, with many saying that more parents should have this attitude toward the police.