Most parents find primary school level homework 'too difficult' claims study

funny stuff 01/03/2019

A recent study has found that around 75% of parents find primary school level homework 'too difficult'

1000 parents were asked to answer 3 questions deemed primary school level by the study...

  • 38% of parents correctly answered the maths question 'what is 23/6 as a mixed number?'
  • 22% correctly identified 'and' as a subordinate conjunction
  • 40% were able to identify 'tadpoles hatching' as a 'key feature' of an amphibians life cycle

"The results of the survey are quite surprising, but they will probably resonate with many parents across the country," said one of the researchers.

"For some, a large amount of time will have passed since they themselves were in the education system and so they will be unfamiliar with the current curriculum."

"Our research has found that over a third of primary school parents think their children are stressed because of work, so it is important that they strive to help out where they can, using assistants, like Google, if needed."

The study also found that men were 20% more confident than woman when it came to helping their children with homework.

Source: Independent