Mum says parents shouldn't change their kid's nappies unless they have consent

parenting 04/02/2019

A mum, Lottie Daley, appeared on UK talk show This Morning to discuss her views on consent with kids.

One of her main points while on the show, and she had many, was that she believes all parents should ask their children permisson before changing their nappies. 

"When you start learning about body autonomy and consent for our children when they become a bit older, we should be modelling this behavior from birth, like letting your baby know you are changing its nappy," she told the hosts of the daytime show.

Daley insists that it is not about "saying 'yes' or 'no,'" (which would be impossible anyway if it's a baby), but it's a way to get children into the habit of knowing that their body belongs to them and others should always seek their permission before touching them.

Alongside the consenting to changing nappies, Lottie said that she will also ask before washing her kids. She also doesn't agree with tickling her kids.

"When I'm washing my daughters, who are a bit older, they are seven and five, when I've got to wash their bottoms, I do say, 'Can mummy just wash your bottom?' because sometimes you have to. And they say, 'yes' or 'no.'"

Lottie's debate brought a lot of outrage to viewers of This Morning, including the host of the show.

"I think it’s an absolute shame to say you can’t tickle," host Vanessa Feltz replied.

"You don’t tickle someone you don’t know or a child who doesn’t trust you… and start forcibly tickling. But it is the ultimate innocent love, care, fun, physical contact with a child you love and who loves you."

Among the hundreds of comments against her cause, there were a few that showed their support for Lottie and her ideas.